Week of Jan. 8: Goals

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Term 1 Report Cards are coming in about a month and I want you to reflect on the following two questions:

  1. What responsibilities & expectations as a grade 5 student do you think that you’ve been successful at during Term 1? Explain.
  2. What responsibilities & expectations do you feel that you need to work at moving forward during Term 2? Explain.

Remember: Please do not just list subjects and instead focus on your actions as a student.

Due: Jan. 16

Week of Dec. 18: Choose Kind

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We are working to adopt the statement “Choose Kind” for our class.  Your blog response over the holiday season is to explain how you “Choose Kind” over the next two week.  These responses will be shared in class when we come back in January.

So remember “Choose Kind”.

Due: January 9, 2018

Report cards

Posted: 16th January 2018 by gtiku7219 in Grade 4-5

1A) I think I did well on independent work, teamwork, and responsibility. I know I did well on independent work because I won a ‘Student of the week’ award for it.

2A) ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION. And not getting triggerd that much

Protected: My goals and what i did well

Posted: 15th January 2018 by mmcdonal6563 in character ed
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What I’m proud of this term

Posted: 15th January 2018 by aklindzi5599 in Grade 4-5

This term, I think I really improved in responsibility. Every time Mr.Fox gives us a handout I put it straight in where it belongs and I finish it on time, not on the last day. I try to limit my time talking with friends and keep on task. In addition, I take initiative by taking out my math duo-tang at the start of class. Also, at home I do chores. Every Saturday, I am in charge of vacuuming the basement carpet. Daily, my sister and I clear the table after breakfast and dinner. Finally, I always assist my dad with taking the garbage, recycling and compost to the curb. I’m proud to be a responsible 10 year old.

I have to work on looking things over before submitting it like this blog. My mom reminded me today that I have to look things over. Over the term, I made little mistakes like a math test that I got 16.5/17. My mistake was so embarrassing that I almost don’t want to share with you today. I didn’t add up 6 simple numbers correctly. I WAS OFF BY 1! Now I’m committed to proofreading my work to get better result.

term one

Posted: 15th January 2018 by mthibode6963 in Grade 4-5

during term one, i feel like i did good at art, and math. art is something i do evey. single. day.math is something i study about.



i dont think i did so well at music and physed. music isnt my thing, and its kinda hard for me. physed really tires me out.


edit: i might be wrong

My goals

Posted: 14th January 2018 by agupta2568 in Grade 4-5

I think i have been successful in math to demonstrate what I know about it and how much I enjoy it. I think I have also been successful in science because I have improved and in science I like to try new thing at the same time I really really enjoy science. also I think i have been successful in french because I know I have been improving in it and so far my presentations are going really well. In addition I think I have been doing good in showing R.A.R because I have gotten a reward for it and i have always tried my hardest and hand in work. Finally I think I have been successful in music because I have no problem doing what we are asked to do also I participate a lot.


I think I have been unsuccessful in language because my grammar still needs work and my writing is still a bit sloppy. In reading I have been in the middle because I do not like reading but i always finish my work.



Posted: 14th January 2018 by ogullis5956 in Grade 4-5

Some of the things I have done well in the first term is staying orginized and always finish my blog and book club on time. Another way I have been good is being a good friend to my friends if they are mad sad or angry. The two things I can improve on is stop talking so much and not be so hyper. The second way I can improve on is study more and read more at home. 

Term 2

Posted: 14th January 2018 by nbhuiyan6685 in Grade 4-5

Hello it’s me Nishat last time I was telling you some expectations that I find easy today I’m going to talk about what I expectation I need to work on.

(1) A expectation I need to work on is standing up for other people that are getting bullied  because it would be awful for me to watch someone getting bullied,they would also help me one day if I was getting bullied and it’s a something any kind student would do.

(2) A another expectation I need to work on is to be a bit more active in school,I can do this when Mr Fox says a question instead of not raising my hand cause I don’t want to I should raise my hand and because you get better mark if you awnser more.

(3) My final expectation that I’m going to talk about that I need to work on is not doing something like the last day before it’s due because I might be lazy and say I will do this tommorow when I forgot it’s due tomorrow then I will lose marks and I won’t need to stay all night doing it then I will get a good sleep and not be tired for school tomorrow.

Readers I hope you guys enjoyed it and have a good day(:



Posted: 14th January 2018 by jlittman3041 in Grade 4-5

I think that I’ve been doing good in organization, because I’ve been handing in my assignments on time because I always try to get something done. The thing that I’m proud of is the science project and my locker being clean.

The thing I have to work on is keeping my focus in class and not chatting with other people so that I can work without interuption.

Term 1

Posted: 10th January 2018 by nbhuiyan6685 in Grade 4-5

In term 1 there has been lots of expectations and I mean a lot of you don’t believe me well some examples of expectations are bringing assignments in time this expectations is a one that is easy for me there has been one time when I did not bring something that was due but that was only one,it was in then beggining year,I bring it the day after it.A another examples of expectations is being kind BEING KIND IS REALLY EASY but some people struggle with being kind one of the most simplest ways is holding a door,saying nice compliment. Sorry I couldn’t tell you some other way because it’s  really late and don’t think these are the only exceptions we have cause we have more. I hope you enjoy this part part 2 coming tommorow.

By Nishat (:


Posted: 10th January 2018 by xfrederi7525 in Grade 4-5
  1. My goals for this year is to bump up my grades for this year. I picked this so in the future I can get a good job or follow my dream of being a basketball player. How I’m going to work on it is paying more attention in class and focus more on my work.


Goals for my report card!

Posted: 10th January 2018 by irozansk2181 in Grade 4-5

I think Im doing very well on the blog. As you can see here not to brag or anything but when mr fox was reading the choose kind we did on the blog here he read mine first! I am getting better on math too. I’m good at art,math and literacy. Art is my anime drawings which people say I’m good at, practice really helps! I’m also good at literacy once I almost became winner speech of my class last year! OK there are a lot of things I’m bad at! French, when I had trouble speaking english I had to go to speech therapy. But I find french harder than english. Therefore, french is actually my least favourite subject. Something I also need to work on is phys ed. I never finish the primary workout and I don’t like sports. I’m really bad at sports and people agree. Once I tried to be a soccer goalie and people didn’t like me as the goalie so they dragged me away from the game. It was dreadful. I don’t find sports fun. I get hurt a lot in sports. That’s why I take a long time playing. I need to work on that anyways. Collaboration is what I really need to work on. I know I need to take a break from my independence and start working with others. Those who are reading Im sorry I was so independent with you guys but I will start being collaborative with others. I hope that I will do better on that.

Term one & Term two

Posted: 10th January 2018 by rharb8065 in Grade 4-5

I think in term one I had alot of expectaition One expectaition was to get along with others.Sometimes yes I might of not gotten along with others.Also another expectation is to be self less to do things when im not being asked.But in term two I have somethings to improve on like helping others and not fighting with others in class and a recess.


By:Reem harb😃

Term one

Posted: 10th January 2018 by afifield6382 in Grade 4-5

I think In term one I met a lot of expectations some things I met were one bringing things intone like the wonder project another thing is being respectful, I mean I had fights but I came through . Some thing I need to work on is getting along with people I’m not friends with. Like me and Olivia. Another thing is trying new things I want to be able to be willing with something new.  Btw this is stuff that i did in term one and yeah bye

my blog cause the real one i can not find.

Posted: 9th January 2018 by afifield6382 in Grade 4-5

so since i cant find the blog for this week this is what i’m doing.  :

Q: How can you make a difference as just one kid ?

A: By helping others and not being a bulling because if you bully people they get mad and stop wanting to go to school or they will quit and that is not something that should ever and i mean ever happen ever again. Another way is by not wasting food for example lets say my mom made chicken and broccoli with rice, and i took 2 spoonfuls of rice 8 pieces of broccoli and 2 pieces of chicken. And i eat 20 spoonfuls and the stuff i took was worth 80. that would be wasting food.